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  1. IMMaximum

    Best Way To Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

    So I am currently using a website called CodeCademy to learn more coding skills, and it is kind of going good, I am just wondering are there any other ways to learn coding. Specifically HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? It doesn't have to be online, I just want to know the best way. I am mostly asking...
  2. A

    Python Online Compiler

    Python Online Compiler & Editor Python online compiler lets you write, share, and compile Python code online – It’s the quickest and easiest Python’s online compiler for almost all versions. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about installing anything on your device. There’s no need...
  3. A

    Python Dive into Data Structures with Online Python Compiler!

    Hey Python Enthusiasts! I hope this post finds you well on your coding journey. Today, I'm excited to share a fantastic resource for honing your skills in data structures using Python. Drumroll, please... 🥁 Introducing Our Online Python Compiler for Data Structures! Whether you're a beginner...
  4. sonnystupid

    Z-Index not working

    here's the navbar's original home not going away, the dark brown bar is what i need help removing image of my problem, you can see the white line is the drop-down content hiding, and the navbar itself is sticky, however the drop-down isn't showing. So i'm trying to get a navbar to stick out over...
  5. SHjiwani

    Java How do I add exponents and parentheses to my code?

    This is the pastebin for my code: pastebin.com/gV01kTje Basically I have an assignment where I need to create a calculator capable of up to 3 step equations and being able to do all PEMDAS operations in PEMDAS order. So far I've gotten it up to 3 step operations and being able to do addition...
  6. A

    Creating an exe file through cmd to change my Power System!

    Hello friends. I have a question that might be simple to answer, how can I configure certain things on my power plan through an exe file, so I won't need to manually configure it? Thing is: where I work, I'm constantly formating machines, installing Windows 11, Office and doing some personal...
  7. Veronica

    JavaScript Want more resource

    We can use binary search to find the target element in an array. First, we need to sort the array in ascending order. Then, we can use binary search to find the target element in the sorted array. The time complexity of this approach is O(nlogn), where n is the number of elements in the Array...
  8. sallu110

    Sincere Career Advice Needed

    Hello everyone! So today I will be asking some very important questions which many others might relate to. Your advice might influence my decision so its a request to answer this if you have reasonable amount of experience in the IT industry. My short intro: I am 26 year old. Completed my...
  9. Abilesh

    Designing my application

    The problem that I am facing now is how to design & structure my project. Here is brief explanation of the roles of my application. It executes a child process and controls them using ptrace. Thus I would be doing things like peeking, poking of the child process's address space. I would also be...
  10. User8574

    Python .get doesn't seem to work :/

    digit_mapping = { "1" == "One", "2" == "Two", "3" == "Three", "4" == "Four" } phone = input("Phone: ") output = "" for digits in phone: output = output + digit_mapping.get(digits, "!") + " " print(output) The .get function is shown as an error (btw this is Python...
  11. diyar

    coding/programming survey

    Hey! I have to take a survey for a school project. can someone who has a job in coding/programming fill in the survey? If you want, you can also send the survey to others. it would help me so much. thank you very much! https://forms.gle/cJrjMgGdwuTwkECq9
  12. pedro_asacc

    Is there a beginner programmer willing to do an interview to my user finding of my potential coding platform?

    Interviews to beginner programmers. I am just searching for a beginner programmer who can do a quick interview through Zoom of no more than 30 minutes for me to better understand my potential user's struggles and passions to, based on that, improve my company's idea. I actually have tried to...
  13. T

    CSS CSS free help

    I just took a course that showed me all about CSS and I was really glad that I took this course. I wish to share this course with you if you are interested reply to this post and I will send you the direct link to this course
  14. T

    HTML & CSS HELP - Shipping Rate Calculator

    I am trying to add a shipping rate calculator to my website - like the attached images and below site. https://www.betweenbox.com/shipping-cost/ I would like to show a range of different carriers like... Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL I have been searching the internet for hours and have not got...
  15. 3lyfox

    JavaScript some kind of error in my code

    thats my html of it -- <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> <title>Task Board</title> <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"> </head> <body> <div class="h1">...
  16. P

    Intonew Startup (Join Us)

    5 positions open for a startup in Eastern, PA (long distance is most definitely an option thanks to technology!) Reinventing the way we see the world (more details during/after interviewing process) We are looking for (1 or many) A Programmer who is fluent in C, C++, or Java. (Arduino...
  17. Q

    Python Practice Coding Interview Questions

    Hey Everyone! I have started a YouTube channel for answering coding interview questions. Do let me know if you want step by step explanation for any specific Python related coding problem. My first episode gives a brief explanation for one of the questions I faced during an interview. My aim...
  18. D

    Automatically move threads to a different board on a forum

    Hi All, I work for a company (not disclosing which) and we have to create announcements on our forum for upcoming releases. We have to create announcements a day prior to the release on our internal board and then we move them to the product board on the day of the release. Is there a way I...
  19. Spencer W. 292

    FiveM Script Coding

    Hello! I am new to LUA Code and I am looking for a couple of fellow coders to join me in modifying a rideable animal script for FiveM. Any takers?
  20. LTomy

    Introduction to coding - 15. Conclusion

    Conclusion Improving the game There is a great amount of improvements that we could make to the game. It can however get complex pretty fast, so it is important to be comfortable with the basics of the programming language used before really getting into big projects. Learning to code in C++...
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